2019 Intelligent fiber laser marking machine
2019 Intelligent fiber laser marking machine
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MF20 20w fiber laser marking machine

The fiber laser marking machine is portable type designed for efficient processing of marking on metal,plastics, leather,ceramic and many more. Available in different workstations sizes with several power options, these laser markinging systems provide high-quality results at maximum speed.

new type of laser marking machine innovated and developed according to the developing market needs. We use the most advanced laser marking system -- high-speed scanning galvanometer laser marking. This system has advantages of fast scanning speed, high repetition accuracy, good durability, etc., able to ensure the quality and nice look of the laser markings, especially suits for mass production and pipeline operations.


Machine features:

(1) Laser marking technology in the above mentioned applications has the following features;

(2) Better flexibility (computer programmed, free to mark a variety of graphics, texts and other kinds of information);

(3) Higher precision, consistent marking quality;

(4) Markings are permanent with high abrasion resistance;

(5) Lower use-cost, higher speed, higher production efficiency;

(6) Little pollution, environmentally friendly;

(7) Anti-counterfeiting function. Applicable materials:Gold, silver, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, hard alloy, chrome, titanium and other metals, ceramic, PVC, plastic, epoxy resin, leather and other non-metallic materials.raycus,max,ipg

Name    Body separated Fiber laser marking machine
Model                                     MF20                                     MF30   
Laser power                          20w                                      30w   
Beam quality M2<1.5                                      <1.8
Pulse repetition frequency20-60                                     30-60   
Optical pulse width(ns)90-120                                   90-130
Marking area70*70mm,110*110mm,175*175mm
Laser wavelength                 1064nm
Cooling ways                        Air cooling
Engraving speed                  0-7000mm/s   
Laser output control            0-100% controlled by software   
Min engraving size               English letters,0.3*0.3mm
Repeatability                         ≤0.001mm
Controlling software             EZCAD software 2.14(2.5.3,2.7.6 are fake ones)
Format supported                DST,PLT,DXF,AI,LAS,BMP,JPG,PNG,etc
Software environment            Windows xp/7/8/10 64 bit
Compatible software            Coreldraw,Autocad
Applicable materials              Steel,brass,copper,aluminum,anodized alu,plastic.
Power supply                     110v/220v,50hz/60hz
Power consumption<0.5kw
Laser module service life     >100,000 hrs           


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stainless steelmark&engravemark&engravemark&engrave&cutmark&engrave&cut
anodized aluminummark&engravemark&engravemark&engrave&cutmark&engrave&cut
some plasticmark&engravemark&engravemark&engrave&cutmark&engrave&cut

Five star praise on our machines and service.

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Our Services

1, Within 7 days since your local customs clearance: if the machine’s any parts has any problems,
we will change it free.
2, Exceed 7 days since your local customs clearance but within warranty period: if the machine parts
have any problems, we can change the old machine parts to new ones free, but you should pay all the shipping cost.
3, Exceed warranty period: if the machine parts have any problems, we can offer new machine parts
with cost price and you also should pay all the shipping cost.
4, We offer 24 hours technical support by call, email.
5, Our technician can give you remote guide online(Skype / MSN/What's app/viber/Tel/Etc) if you have any question.
6, We can record videos of operating the machine.
7, Free training course in our factory.
8,Machine will be adjusted before it is delivered , operation flash drive/CD was included.MF20 mini portable galvo  30w 20w fiber laser marking machine for metal

Packaging & Shipping

Applicable industries:

It is widely used in industrial bearings, gears, all kinds of auto parts, hardware tools, aerospace components, integrated circuit chips, computer accessories, watches, electronics and communication products, home appliances, wire and cable, food packaging, jewelry, tobacco and many graphic and text markings in other fields.


MF20 mini portable galvo  30w 20w fiber laser marking machine for metal